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The Diversity In Fixed Income Program (DIFI) is a new diversity initiative for our fund focused on supporting minorities in finance and encouraging diversity in the field. It is open to freshmen and sophomore women and other minorities. The program is separate from our Analyst Program and participants must reapply to the Analyst Program.


The DIFI Program is a 9-week education program focused on providing minorities with hands-on experience in investment research, along with career development and mentorship. The program features weekly lessons on various financial topics such as financial modeling and Bloomberg Terminal lessons, as well as 1-on-1 mentorship and support from our analysts.


The DIFI Program runs each fall semester. Applications typically open in late-August or early-September and are due in mid-September. Applications will be posted on the Apply page when available.


MFIF recruits new applicants twice a year; once at the end of each semester. We also offer a diversity initiative program known as the Diversity In Fixed Income Program (DIFI) which is a small program focused on promoting diversity students in the finance world. Many DIFI participants later go on to join MFIF itself, but it is not a requirement.




The Analyst Program is open to all UMass Amherst students, including non-business majors. We typically welcome 3-5 new junior analysts each semester. The Analyst Program is only open to Freshmen and Sophomore applicants.


The Analyst Program is a rigorous process throughout the semester and collegiate careers. Accepted students enter as junior analysts, joining our tri-weekly lessons and discussions and learning credit analysis. Junior analysts also research and pitch 3 credit investments per semester with help from their senior analysts. Each analyst is divided into our 5 coverage sectors from which they pitch a bond.


The Analyst Program has application and interview periods each semester, a few weeks before finals. The process takes several weeks, including written applications, conversational interviews, and a final round super-day style interview. Once accepted, members remain junior analysts for 2-3 semesters until becoming senior analysts and working with younger members.


Analyst Program


Written applications are due several weeks before finals. General details and short responses are required, in addition to transcripts and other documents.

A group of applicants are invited to move forward. This phase involves several short interview rounds speaking with current members. This stage is focused on finding the right "fit".

A small group is selected for final round interviews. These intensive, super-day style sessions feature three rooms: a behavioral room, technical room, and case study analysis room.

The group deliberates to choose the best of the applicants. Once decided, the finalists recieve calls from members of the fund congradulating them on acceptance and offering an analyst role in our group.

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