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Founded in 2014, the Minutemen Fixed Income Fund is an investment fund that fills a gap in traditional undergraduate investment groups through its focus on the credit market. We strive to prepare our members for competitive roles in Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Investment Research, and more. We are proud to be one of the few undergraduate credit funds in the country.










the team


Our members attend tri-weekly meetings, with meetings ranging from credit research lessons to LBO modeling to market discussions. Our typical week involves lessons with the Bloomberg Terminal on Monday, a lesson on fundamental credit analysis on Tuesday, and a round-table discussion on financial markets on Thursday. After several weeks of lessons, we begin our credit pitches for the semester. Junior analysts conduct three credit pitches each semester, aided by their senior analyst as the main mentor along with sector and market heads supporting them. 



We strive to prepare our members for roles in a variety of areas, and have expanded our curriculum in the past several years. Lesson topics include:

  • Equity/Credit Valuation

  • Three-Statement Modeling

  • Discounted Cash Flow Modeling

  • LBO & M&A Analysis

  • Equity/Credit Derivatives

  • Effective Interview Skills

  • Careers in the Finance Industry

  • Networking Skills


Our fund features five coverage sectors, with each sector belonging to two junior/senior analyst pairs. In addition, a sector analyst is assigned to provide junior analysts with additional support and more in depth sector knowledge. Our leadership team consists of a President, Chairman, and Portfolio Manager who lead our weekly meetings and conduct fund administrative duties.



MFIF was founded recently in 2014 to take advantage of an area of finance that received very little coverage in university curriculums, yet constituted an enormous part of the job market. Understanding of credit is crucial for roles in Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Investment Research, and more. We are proud to call ourselves one of only a few credit undergraduate funds in the country. Most if not all of our members come into the fund with little to no knowledge about fixed income investing. 

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